Dorothy Fallows-Thompson

Dorothy started writing when she retired from her nursing career and a life-changing trip to India in 1999. Her first book ' For the Love of a Boy' was published in 2012: in aid of Charity. She continues to write publishing several other books both in her own name and under the pen name 'Cynthia Myles'. She lives with her husband Peter on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Fun with Elfie The Baby Elephant

Elfie the baby Elephant was his mummy’s only little boy elephant and he lived in the Sahara Desert, in Africa.
One day he was very excited, because, he could smell the rains coming!
Now, as every little boy and girl in Africa knows; baby elephants can smell the rains coming from many miles away.
This is the story of Elfie’s first day ‘rolling in the mud’ after the rains came.
Read on to enjoy a fun time with him, in his desert home.

Loomy The Sea Turtle's story

This is the story of two little sea turtle friends who lived in ‘Turtles Bay’, way across the wide, wide Ocean.
They loved to play on the rocks near their home and had lots of fun swimming among the brightly coloured coral reefs.

But, one day, Loomy and Jako had a big shock! Their mummies were leaving home for a long, long swim to the ‘Turtle Nursery’ where they would lay their eggs!

How long would they be away?
Would they come back safely?

These were some of the thoughts in their little turtle minds!
Read on to find out what happens next!

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