Our History

It's been an exciting journey so far!

The Vision Began

23 January 2010
An Indian Pastor and his wife began this project in 2010. They reached out to families who live in the slum areas normally about 1-2 Kilometres outside the nearest village. The school began in a rented garage providing reading, writing and arithmetic as well as a lunchtime snack.

House of Hope Founded

17 February 2010
In 2013 we rented a newly built block of three flats and named it ‘House of Hope’. Here up to sixty children of all ages came for after school tuition while the little ones were supported and their families were helped with their day to day living needs.


6 March 2010
By summer 2014 60 children were able to go to the local primary and secondary schools.

At the Height

1 April 2010
Prior to the COVID crisis we had around 120 children of all ages receiving education and support, and there were with 10 teenage boys living full time in the house. The situation became very challenging during the lockdown period.


23 June 2010
As our director of our Charity was a qualified Social Worker, we were still able to feed our families (approximately fifteen families with 8-10 in a family). We were even able to supply essential food and medical support for another ten - twenty families in all in the slums.
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